/skins folder

This folder holds the skins for the blogs.

b2evolution Note: this folder only pertains to the plublic interface skins. The skins for the admin interface are to be found the the /skins_adm folder.

Each available skin can be found in its own subfolder. You can install/create additional skins by copying/creating new subfolders into the /skins folder.

Subfolders starting with a _ represent available skins which will remain hidden to the users. Those are typically used for RSS skins.

This folder holds a set of default behaviour include files for several functions. For example _feedback.php lists the comments and the trackbacks in a standard manner and can then be included in any skin. However, if time permits, the skin designer can also override <code>_feedback.php</code> in his customized skin folder.

This folder needs to be accessed through the web.